In this section, you can find the interviews the Command Chamber has conducted with a number of editors and webmasters from around the Jedi Knight community. If you are working on a single player project and would like to be interviewed, please contact us for more information.
Battle of Toprawa :: Emambu talks with Antilles
With interviewer Emambu asking some questions about the planning and design of Battle of Toprawa, Antilles fills us in on his editing methods and plans for the series. He also mentions some of what the newest level will offer in terms of enhancements.
Battle on the Outer Rim :: Emambu talks with EvanC
Emambu breaks out the interrogation light again to hear from Evan about his upcoming Battle on the Outer Rim series. Although not revealing much about the plot, Evan describes how he got into editing and some of his design work for the level thus far.
Command Chamber :: Sir Gerry talks with Ryan
As webmaster and founder of the Command Chamber, Ryan discusses some of the experiences he's had building the ultimate source for single player gaming on the web. Accomplished level editor Sir Gerry takes care of the questioning in this case.
Dead Reckoning :: CookedHaggis talks with Quilty
Interviewer CookedHaggis digs for details about the past and future of the Dead Reckoning series. Along the way he picks up some information abut the author, Christian "Quilty" Garris, and how he make his start in Star Wars FPS level editing.
Discovery at Ironfort :: Emambu talks with Kevin Buscemi
With his passion for Dark Forces, Emambu takes care of questioning Kevin about his upcoming DF level, Discovery at Ironfort. Among other things, we hear about Kevin's previous editing experience and what he has in stor for the future with Ironfort.
Force Assassins :: Ryan talks with Ted Thompson
With his first level being the notable Dartana Spaceport, Ted takes the time to discuss the later levels of the upcoming Force Assassins series with interviewing mastermind Ryan. Some of the planned level enhancements and status are also covered.
Harjassk Diplomacy :: Emambu talks with Matthew Pate
As Emambu fires off the questions, we hear Matthew's responses about one of the oldest running SP projects, called Harjassk Diplomacy. Find out about the planned level of architecture and Matthew's entry intto the single player Jedi Knight community.
Holocron Editing :: Ryan talks with The Holocron Editing Team
The Holocron team takes some time with Ryan's questions and gives you an inside look at Mara Jade: Identity Crisis, their upcoming multi-level project for MotS. The interview covers areas such as the creation of the team, current level work, and future plans.
Imperial Library :: Emambu talks with GAdRS
With DF fan Emambu calling the questions, GAdRS fills us in on his Dark Forces project, Imperial Library. We hear about the author's entry to editing, current level efforts, and reasons for choosing DF as the medium over the more modern JK and MotS engines.
Imperial Siege on Derra IV :: Antilles talks with Ryan
As Antilles inquires about the state of Imperial Siege, Ryan takes a moment to bring us up to date. The interview covers current progress, enhancements, and release plans. In addition, he offers some reasons behind the making of such a large scale level.
Liberating Cloud City :: Emambu talks with Bombshellrapture
As Emambu unloads the questions, meet editor Bommbshellrapture in one of our longest interviews ever. Find about his past projects for Dark Forces, his current project "Liberating Cloud City", and future work for the Star Wars trilogy TC.
Matt Surman's Projects and Life :: Emambu talks with Matt Surman
Interviewer Emambu inquires about Matt Surman's upcoming Tantive IV level for Jedi Outcast, his past work for Mysteries of the Sith, his involvement in the JK community, as well as his thoughts on his job as a rookie police officer.
Nar Shaddaa :: CookedHaggis talks with Sine Nomen
CookedHaggis inquires about the state of Sine Nomen's upcoming Nar Shaddaa project for Jedi Outcast, as well as chatting about his time in the Jedi Knight and Jedi Outcast community.
Remnants of the Empire :: Antilles talks with SavageX
Antilles discusses the Remnants of the Empire series with level author SavageX. Included are some questions about how SavageX got into editing Jedi Knight, which level has been his favorite created so far, and what plans he has for his next level.
Requiem a Verito :: Matthew Pate talks with Jeff Clark
Matthew shines the bright interrogation light as Jeff talks about his current project, Requiem a Verito, and how he got started editing. Also included are some hints about the different enhancements that may be seen in the future.
Star Wars Trilogy Total Conversion :: Antilles talks with Ajay Huff
One of the largest and most anticipated SP projects, the SWTTC brings us up to date on the group happenings and progress of the levels. Hear about the number of levels and locations planned to be visited, allocation of team member talent, and more from the project leader Ajay.
Temple on Yavin IV :: Matthew Pate talks with Ryan Briggs
Find out about the current work underway by Ryan Briggs and his thoughts on previous levels as Matthew rattles off the questions. Also hear about how the level's cutscenes will be done, as well as what the final release will have above and beyond the demo release.
The Dorminco Project :: CookedHaggis talks with Burrie
Interviewer CookedHaggis learns some of the details about Burrie's upcoming adventure level, "The Dorminco Project". In addition, there is also some discussion about the project in light of the announcement of Jedi Knight 2 by LucasArts.
The Last Stand :: Emambu talks with Merlinus
Merlinus fills in interviewer Emambu on his new project for Dark Forces and why he chose the older game over Jedi Knight and MotS. Also included are some comments about the intended atmosphere, length of the level, and expected puzzles.
The Lost Fortress :: Matthew talks with Chris Hill
Chris Hill elaborates on what's in store with his upcoming MotS level, the Lost Fortress. Interviewer Matthew also inquires about the level's plot and relation to existing timelines, possible release date, and idea behind the whole level.