Editing Resources
The editing resources section contains many useful tools and components for single player authors. Here you can find the essential editing utilities and other sections like custom cogs contributed by the single player community.
Editing Utilities
This section contains the essential utilities for single player editing. Using the tools listed here, you will be able to edit and modify almost all aspects of Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith in your levels. All of the zips come with basic help and readme files, as well as author contact information.
JED is the most advanced editor you can find for Jedi Knight and MotS, as well as one of the best 3D game editors you'll ever use. Using this program, you can create and apply textures to level architecture, place things, integrate cogs, calculate level lighting, and do anything else related to level design.
Cog Writer is an editor which enables you to write cog scripts for JK and MotS which control the dynamics of the game. While this could be done in a simple text editor, Cog Writer provides for syntax checking and other tools to build cog commands.
Puppet Jedi is a keyframe editor for Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith. A keyframe is what allows a model to carry out actions such as running, jumping and fighting. Puppet Jedi allows you to edit an existing KEY, or create a new one. You can then save it for use in your levels and other mods.
Mat Mater is a tool to decompile and recompile Jedi Knight material files, in other words, textures. Using this utility, you can extract the editable bitmap files from a MAT file for editing, or even create your own new textures from scratch and compile them to work with JK and MotS.
Container Manager (ConMan) is a utility to browse and edit various container files used by 3D games. This tool is essential to add resources to a level GOB file or to extract resources from existing files.
A small, straightforward program for viewing 3DOs. I don't think any further explanation is necessary for this utility.
Code Alliance Game Explorer (CAGE) is a utility to browse and edit various container files used by a wide variety of 3D games. Unlike ConMan above, this utility supports a wide range of game file formats, i.e. Dark Forces, Jedi Knight, Outlaws, Quake, Half-Life, etc.
Font Jedi is an editor for the LucasArts SFT fonts used by Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith. Most of the text seen in these games is created using character bitmaps contained in the SFT files. This tool allows you to modify the existing game fonts.
A tool for editing colormaps used in conjunction with textures (MAT files) for Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith levels.
The definitive source for Jedi Knight cog and filetype information. If you need to know how a certain cog verb works, what a particular flag value does, or where certain attributes are specified, this is the place. Don't edit without the specs.
This program is a graphical DOS front end for Dark Forces. This program will help you manage large numbers of custom levels in your DF directory. The author has included full documentation information in the download in case you have any problems or need to contact him.
JED Plugins
This section contains JED plugins that are submitted by programmers in the community. These tools can give JED more powerful editing capabilities. If you would like to submit a plugin that you created, please see our submission instructions.
Removes walls that appear to be solid (though you can walk through them) that are created when certain cleaves are made. Causes of these are unknown, but this program will fix them. Note: Only surfaces whose GEO, surface flags, and face flags are 4 and are adjoined will be "fixed." Surfaces whose GEO, surface flags, and/or face flags are not 4 are not affected, so glass, secret walls, etc. won't get messed up.