Before submitting any levels, screenshots, news, or any other content to the Command Chamber, please take a moment to read over our submission guidelines. Following the listed requirements will enable a faster response on our part. Any submission lacking any of the requirements specified below will not be posted and will require extra time to contact you to obtain all the necessary information and/or files.
News & Screenshots
Any news submitted for posting should be of interest to the visitors of this site, and be somehow related to single player gaming for the games we cover. We also accept screenshots of single player projects, status updates for levels under development, news about editing, and so on. Make sure that any screenshots you send are large and high-quality JPEG files, at least 640x480 in size.
Levels & Maps
All levels should be for Dark Forces, Jedi Knight, Mysteries of the Sith, Jedi Outcast or Jedi Academy single player and must include a properly completed readme as required by the LEC license agreement regarding custom levels. No exceptions! You will be asked to submit the following:
  • The name of the level or map.
  • The game required to run the the level or map.
  • A URL where we can download your level file. Note: All files must be zipped! The zip archive should contain everything someone needs to play your level.
  • Your level's background information. Be sure to proofread! The staff reserves the right to edit any description for clarity or grammatical errors.
  • Two or more high-quality JPEG screenshots of the level, at least 640x480 in size. This is what people will see when deciding to download your level or map, so make sure they look good!
Level Features
Level features enable authors to show off their work in progress at the Command Chamber. Features include a discussion of the level and features it provides, as well as screenshots. Here's what's required:
  • The name of the level or map.
  • The game your level or map is for.
  • The level's plot/storyline and background information.
  • A description of new features or gameplay that the level will provide.
  • A progress update on how the level development is progressing, possibly including an expected release date.
  • At least 4 high-quality JPEG screenshots of the level, at least 640x480 in size. Show off your best stuff!
As far as the text goes, you don't need to write an essay, but a few good paragraphs would be nice. What we're looking for here is some relevant information about the level, so be sure you write enough to educate readers who may know nothing about your level. Simply a sentence for each part of the feature is not acceptable, and we will ask you for more information. That being said, feel free to discuss progress, features of the level, story information, or anything else that you would like posted.
Editing Utilities
Any editing utilities or editor plugins can be submitted for inclusion in our editing utilities section. You just need to send us the URL of the program's download file and a description of the utility's purpose and capabilities.
Right now we are revamping our walkthroughs section. Once this project is completed, we will begin accepting level walkthrough submissions again.
More Information
If you have any questions about the above requirements, or a specific question about content submission that isn't covered here, please contact us.