Site Staff
The following dedicated persons make up our current staff. Following the member's name and position is a brief description of their gaming/editing experience. If you have any comments or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us.
Ryan :: Site Creator and Mastermind
I have always liked Star Wars, and upon playing Dark Forces, my dream to edit was born. I have worked on a number of DF levels, but when Jedi Knight came out, I evolved to edit the new game. Though I stoped editing JK full time after completing Imperial Siege on Derra IV, I have 2 other unfinished levels laying around (Prelude to Imperial Siege and the Death Star Escape) that I may release some day. I have always enjoyed quality SP missions the most of all, so I began this site to provide dedicated coverage to DF, JK and MotS single player levels. We've since expanded to cover Jedi Outcast. As a computer science major, I am quite busy during the school year, but in my free time of late I've been addicted to Medal of Honor team deathmatch and mapping for MoH.
Tracer :: Assistant Webmaster
Although my interest in Star Wars has diminished in since I first saw it, the games (and the Dark Forces series in particular) have managed to hold my attention. I don't know if I'll ever get around to finishing a level, but in the meantime running the Command Chamber is just as good.
Antilles :: Reviewer
I really love Star Wars, and everyone calls me the Trivia Master. There seems to be nothing I don't know about Star Wars. I enjoy making Jedi Knight and MotS levels, as well as StarCraft maps. I operate a web-site called Starfighter Command, which is StarCraft oriented. Good single player levels for JK and MotS are hard to come by, so that's what I make. Recently, I joined the Admiral's corps of reviewers, and I'm pleased with my post and look forward to reviewing some good levels.
Chewbubba :: Reviewer
Although I was a huge SW fan when the trilogy came out, there wasn't much that followed to sustain my fanaticism. It wasn't until the release of Dark Forces that I got back on the bandwagon. I dabbled in DF editing, but did nothing significant. Somehow, well after the release of JK and Mots, I stumbled onto this site and have been hooked ever since on SP levels and the SW universe. In my spare time, when not reading the forums, playing SW games, or editing, I'm a middle school science teacher and a pretty good electric bass player.
Chris Swan :: Reviewer
I've been a fan of Star Wars as long as I can remember, but I really started to get into it more seriously when Jedi Knight was released. I now own about ten Star Wars games and I've also read most of the novels. In the past couple of years I've started creating single player levels for JK/MotS and I've set up my own website as a base for my work. I'm currently working on the third part of my popular "The New Empire" series.
Emambu :: Reviewer
I'm probably the level reviewer you never heard of. I started doing reviews for DF back when it first came out. I had a localized page, which I eventually closed because DF levels were growing rare, JK levels were pretty terrible, and web pages are just a hassle. I can safely say that I reviewed more then 60% of all the DF levels out there. After I closed down my site for said reasons, I hid in the shadows, only to come out every now and again to offer a bit of information to the JK community. Eventually I realized that sp levels were getting better. The Command Chamber offered me an opportunity to get back to doing what I like: critiquing things. I'm a fond player of JK and MotS, and a big fan of SW.
Geoffrey :: Reviewer
Being a fan of Star Wars and enjoying computer games made it inevitable that I encountered Dark Forces at some point. After finishing the game I started delving into the possibilities of creating my own levels. I've been around the editing community for some time now; more recently I've started to pick up editing for Jedi Outcast. Outside of gaming my hobbies include swimming, music, and keyboards.
Graham :: Reviewer
I can remember collecting pseudo-POGs (remember those?) from crisp packets once with Star Wars pictures on them - I wasn't into the movie, and it's "20th Anniversary Re-release" (me being 9 at the time) didn't even bother me, yet I'd acquired a minimal knowledge of the characters. Swayed by a friend to go and see RotJ on it's final showing, I was plunged headfirst into a universe I've never left! Ever since I've absorbed books, comics, figurines, new movies and of course, the games! Outside that universe, I'm a 15 year old student with a Saturday job at a shopping mall, an unhealthy thirst for computer games and an irresistible urge to be with my friends whenever I can!
Matthew Pate :: Reviewer
I really like Star Wars (seems to be a popular phrase), and own 9 of the games for the PC as well as SotE for the N64. I've read about 25 of the novels, and consider myself an encyclopedia of useless SW info. SP missions are my favourite, as I like a good story, and I am currently working on the sequel to my level Harjassk Diplomacy, which is coming along quite well.
Bombshellrapture :: Screenshot of the Week Manager
I've been a Star Wars fan ever since the 4th grade. I began looking for great games set in the Star Wars Universe, but they were hard to come by. I first played Dark Forces about 4 years later, and ever since have been hooked on Star Wars FPS games. The ability to create levels for these games has prompted me to devote a good portion of my time at building great SP levels and contributing to the JK/MotS universe.
Cooked Haggis :: Chief of Interviews
Funnily enough, I also like Star Wars. In particular, I like the way in which there is so much scope in the Star Wars "Universe" for interpretation since much of it is not explored by the films. This reason is probably the basis for love of single player levels - not only do they provide a new challenge once you've completed the game, but they allow the editor to add their own little piece to the Star Wars galaxy.
JFA :: Walkthrough Writer
I really really really love the Star Wars movies. All of them were great, but Episode I got a little, how should we say, stupid. Episode II is my favorite of the Star Wars movies so far. I hope Lucas doesn't botch the prequel trilogy with Episode III. I'm also a huge fan of the Indiana Jones and James Bond movies. I've seen all the films! I also have a huge collection of Star Wars action figures, toys, and computer/video games. I also have most of the novels (I'm missing about 7 or 8 essential ones), and read them a lot. I favor SP missions mostly because they're fun to play, have good storylines and scenes (most of the time), and have AI; plus the no lag in levels make them a must-have. I visit TACC a lot for my SP goodness, and now that I'm a reviewer, I'll be visiting TACC a lot more.