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All of our level-related content is organized by game. To get started, pick the game for which you would like to find custom add-on levels. Once browsing the level list for a particular game, you can access a level's description, screenshots, review, and walkthrough by clicking on the level's title. Although all levels have a general backgound page and screenshots, some levels may not be reviewed or have walkthroughs yet.

Level/Map Installation Instructions

If you need help installing or have questions about running custom single player levels, see our level installation page for detailed instructions on how to extract the files after downloading, where to place the file relative to the game folders, and how to start the custom missions in the game.

Submit a Level for Posting

Whether you are a level author looking to get your work out to the community of just a player who happens to have a favorite mission that is not listed on our site, we want to hear from you! Our goal is to serve the single player Star Wars FPS communnity by having the largest selection of custom add-on missions possible. See our submission page for instructions on how to submit levels quickly and painlessly.