Help & FAQs
The following are questions we receive often enough to make it worthwhile to post them along with the answers for informational purposes. Any topics not addressed here can be directed to our site staff using the contact page.
How do you install custom levels?
The process is actually fairly simple. Check out this installation instructions page for a walkthrough of the whole process for the games that we currently cover.
How can I create my own levels?
The first step is to choose your editor. Most accomplished level makers agree that JED, available in our editing utilities section, is the most powerful editor available for Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith. Even better, it's free too. For the Jedi Outcast series, check out JK2Radiant. After you get set up with your level editor, it's just a matter of practice until you can create some really great stuff. Avoid the temptation to release your first (usually terrible) level. Instead, read up on tutorials, work hard, and release something that you would be proud to put your name on. See the immediately following question if you need help editing.
Where can I go for editing help?
Our articles section features a ton of advanced tutorials about architecture, mood, story creation, enemy selection/placement, cutscenes, etc. These are geared toward a more experienced level author, however. If you need help with the basics, be sure to check out the Massassi Temple for tutorials about specific editing tasks. Also, a bunch of accomplished single player editors hang around our discussion forums, so feel free to stop by if you need to ask a question.
Why do you only focus on single player here at TACC?
The main reason is that I (Ryan) don't really care for multiplayer gaming in Jedi Knight all that much. Not to mention that Dark Forces only supports single player! Because of that reason and the lack of any good single player resources, I started this site to give dedicated coverage to single player gaming. By only dealing with single player levels, we can put all of our energy into making this site the best that it can be for that particular niche.
Who designed the site and did the programming?
All of the design and development work on the backend was done by Ryan (that's me writing this). The reviews are largely done by our very dedicated staff members, though I chip in a hand every now and then to flex my reviewing muscle.
Do you have any buttons or banners I can use to link to TACC?
We don't currently have any banners, but here is an awesome link button by ThreeDee that you can use:
What should I do if a download is corrupted?
By all means, contact the staff immediately to have the problem fixed as soon as possible. This includes any other problems with the website, such as server errors, missing files, incorrect information, and so on.
How do I submit a new single palyer level to the Command Chamber?
See the levels section of our submisson instructions page.
What is a level feature, and can I get one for my level?
A level feature is a special page on our site where single player authors can have screenshots and other project information posted from levels they're working on. It gives some nice publicity and helps keep the community up to date on the author's progress. If you're interested in submitting a feature, see that section of our submisson instructions page.
How is the screenshot of the week picked?
One of our staff members chooses the screenshot of the week from recently-posted level screenshots on our forums. High-quality, professional, screenshots are the most likely to be posted. Note that any screen must be at least 640x480 in size to be elegible.
Do you need any more reviewers?
Not at the moment. If there ever is a need for a larger reviewing staff, you'll be notified on our main news page.
How long has TACC been operating?
I founded the site in August of 1998. Since then, we've been providing the community with as much single player goodness as we can. As far as I can tell, the Command Chamber is one of the longest-lived Jedi Knight sites in the community, though there have been some long periods of dormancy as interest in the games we cover fades.
Does TACC offer webhosting?
Nope. However, I suggest taking a look at some of the more general community sites if you need free hosting and have worthwhile content to offer.
How does the level rating system work?
Reviewing levels is probably one of the most difficult tasks known to man. Everyone has their own ideas about what makes a great level, but we do have the guidelines that each of the reviewers follow and the scoring criteria listed here. Feel free to comment on our reviews or discuss new levels on our forums.
Why do you require account registration/activation?
Unfortunately the Internet is a much different place now than it was back in the glory days of Dark Forces. In the past, you could publicly post an email address and never be bothered by anyone. Sadly, doing that now opens up your email address for easy harvesting by spambots and other scum intent on making your life online miserable. In light of the changing times, we no longer post any email addresses on our site publicly in an effort to protect both our staff members and also our community of contributors. Besides spammers, we also realize that privacy is also an important topic today as well. For both of those reasons, we have implemented an email contact system that thwarts spambots and also respects your need for privacy. Here's how it works. All staff members and authors of levels or other content pick a username of their choice when registering. Although you must enter a valid email address when registering as well, this address is not displayed anywhere on the site. If another member whishes to contact you, they may do so using your username and an email contact form that is available to registered members only. Our system will look up your email address based on your username and forward you the message, also listing the contact information of the sender. The sender will only discover your true email address if you choose to reply to their message. This way, you can keep your email address safe by only replying to or contacting people you trust. The secure nature of this system requires activation so we can validate the identity of people sending messages using our system.
Why must email addresses be confirmed?
To keep our staff and contributor contact system secure, we need to validate users during registration. To prevent bots and spammers from abusing the system, our registration process requires two tests. First, you will need to enter a random string of letters and numbers appearing in an image during registration. This type of verification thwarts bots and other automated account harvesting attackers from gaining access. Second, before your account can actually be used, we need to verify that the email address you entered dring registration is correct. To do this verification, we send a secret activation code to your email address, which you need to repeat back to us so we can be sure that you own the email account used to register. Besides the security aspects, verifying your email address also allows us to make sure that other players and staff members can contact you reliably for questions, comments, or praise about your levels or other content. If you update your email address at a later date will still require confirmation of your new address in order to maintain a reliable line of communication should we need to contact you regarding your levels or other content.
What is your privacy policy for personal information?
The personal information we collect from users is extremely limited. All we require is a username which the user selects, and a valid email address. Your email address is never displayed publicly on the site and is not seen by other users when they contact you through our blind email contact system. The only time your email address will ever be revealed to another user is if you choose to contact or reply to them yourself. Thus, disclosure of your email address to other players is strictly under your control. We do not share email addresses with anyone else and will not use them to contact you for anything other than official site business directly relating to levels or other content you author or submit. We take privacy seriously and will do everything in our power to help protect the community against spam and other annoyances.
Who should I contact for more information about the site?
If you ever have problems, questions, comments, criticism, or praise about the site, be sure to contact Ryan to have your voice heard.