This area contains various articles on topics related to level editing. Most of the articles here do not explain the technical aspects of how to do a specific task in editing, but instead give general advice and guidelines. For that reason, the articles are geared more toward experienced editors who wish to further develop their editing skill rather than beginners.
An excelent article on the use of cogs, sound and lighting to build a level atmosphere. Definitely a must-read for all level editors.
Colored Lighting :: By Antilles
Antilles, of Toprawa fame, explains the basics behind good colored lighting. The article discusses the methods of how to do lighting, as well as providing tips for when and where to use it in a level.
This article will explain the principals of adding Force powers to a single player level using the master COG. Other topics, such as weapons and goals will also be covered.
How Cutscenes Should be Made :: By Anthony Piggott
Accomplished editor Anthony Piggott shows us through an excellent article about the fundamentals of great cutscene design.
Reviewer and editor Matthew takes a look at a problem that many authors face - getting inspiration when designing a level. He offers some suggestions, as well as some example screenshots. A good article, so be sure to check it out.
Reviewer and accomplished level author Antilles takes a look at many aspects of level design and how to improve the overall quality of custom levels.
Objectives :: By Antilles
Antilles struggles through and places working objectives in Battle of Toprawa III. Check out this article to learn the basics for your level too.
Reviewer Emambu takes a detailed look at what makes a good Dark Forces, Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith plot. The article offers examples and great suggestions and tips, so be sure to check it out.
Read up on how critical architecture is in creating an excellent Jedi Knight or MotS level. Also included are example screenshots.