Temple on Yavin IV
Find out about the current work underway by Ryan Briggs and his thoughts on previous levels as Matthew rattles off the questions. Also hear about how the level's cutscenes will be done, as well as what the final release will have above and beyond the demo release.
Where is your level set? What is the basic plot?
The Temple on Yavin 4 is set on the planet Yavin 4 of the Yavin system. Most people know Yavin 4 from the movies, where the Rebels were hiding from the Imperials and where the first Death Star was destroyed. In the level you'll be inside the Great Temple or the Main Temple, where the Jedi Academy is. The player will also be able to adventure outside the temple during the level also. The plot and story are still being worked on. There's a few more books that I still have to hunt through for some info, but the plot is basically about the Imperials attacking the Jedi Knight Academy in order to weaken the Rebellion. But instead of the Imperials trying to destroy the Jedi students, they're trying to kidnap them. The students get boxed into the Grand Audience Chamber located at the top of the temple because the Imperials have some Ysalamiri. Something to note is that when the player reaches that point they will lose their force powers as well ;). Now Kyp Durron and Kyle intercept a message from the students. They alert the New Republic of the attack, and btw the Rebels will most likely make an appearance. After sending their message they head to Yavin 4 to help. And so starts your adventure...
How long do you think it will take until the level is completed?
Quite a while. I am part owner of a business and so my free time can disappear fast. I also do things in real life other than using a computer. Currently its looks like it will probably be completed in May or June. I would love to say earlier, but there's a lot to do still. Its also pretty hard to come out of the break that I took while I was waiting for the speech to finish the demo. I needed one so bad as I was working on levels since the spring of last year without much of a break.
What extras will you have? (COGs, 3DOs, MATs or AI etc)
There will be plenty of cogs, new and used, as they are needed. 3do's will include Rebel and Imperial ships, the Jedi students, and some new weapons as well. Some new enemies will include the creatures of the planet, like the Night Beasts, purple jumping spiders, flying beetles, etc...
We've all played the demo, but what will the full level have over the demo?
New enemies, weapons, force powers, tons more action and adventure, and hopefully some really cool things. One cool idea that I'm not sure will be used, is for some reason you and Kyle need to take off in the Moldy Crow. And you need to get into the Moldy Crow and take off. You'd watch the Moldy Crow take off and fly from inside the cockpit. And there will be TIEs coming at you, and maybe Star Destroyer fire raining down from above.
I noticed your choice to include .smk cutscenes instead of the traditional .cog based one people tend to go for. What are your reasons for doing this?
I don't like the .cog based way. For one thing on my computer I have to play in 320x240 as I don't have a 3D card. Every time a .cog based cutscene is played it looks horrible and sometimes they don't even look like anything. With Smk's it doesn't matter what resolution you're using, it will still look great. Another thing is that you can skip it very easily just by pressing a button.
What kind of feel are you planning for TOY4 to have?
I ultimately want the feeling to be that you're actually Kyp Durron, and you're actually there an Yavin 4, and the Imperials are really attacking. The demo doesn't give that feeling too well, as your confined to the Hangar level. Once you reach the Grand Audience Chamber the real feeling will start to come as most of the Imperials have made their way there. You'll see the students cornered and doing their best to fight the Imperials. When you reach the outside you'll also get a nice feeling. ATSTs, and ATATs will be crashing through the trees, Stormtroopers will be running through the trees. Trees will also be falling as the Imperials are coming from the forest toward the Temple. TIE Bombers will be dropping bombs from above. Laser fire will even be raining down onto the planet from the Star Destroyers.
As you are including several characters from the Jedi Academy Trilogy, when is the level set? I assume it is before Dorsk 81 gets 'carried away'. (ala Darksaber)
It takes place right in between the Jedi Academy Trilogy and DarkSaber. So the original students will be used.
Is this your first entry into the world of editing or have you previously made something (for DF or JK)?
I am the author of the popular Jedi Search. Before I started designing JK levels I had designed eight levels for DF over a period of two years, and had never released them. Now you can find three of them on my site, as well as Jedi Search.
Why did you choose to make this level for JK instead of MotS?
For some weird reason I just like to design levels for JK. But if the Temple on Yavin 4 does as well as I think it may, there will eventually be a special edition of the level for Mots.
Anything else you'd like to add (a mindless plug, for example)?
Nope, I think this interview is already too long. See ya!
Thanks for the interview.
No, thank you