Requiem a Verito
Matthew shines the bright interrogation light as Jeff talks about his current project, Requiem a Verito, and how he got started editing. Also included are some hints about the different enhancements that may be seen in the future.
First of all, could you please introduce yourself, as well as your background in editing? For example, have you done any other levels in JK or another game?
I did do a couple of unreleased XVT missions (pretty average). Actually, no I have never done any FPS editing before JK, I didn't even play FPS before JK, and haven't since either. JK/MOTS are my only FPS games, and I don't really want any others from what I've seen. I.E., disliked half-life demo greatly, didn't bite on unreal, etc.
How did you get into editing?
Forcebuilder. I had a two month period in which I purchased no new games, ran out of games, and downloaded Forcebuilder one day, enjoyed it, and began my journey of editing.
What gave you the idea for Requiem a Verito?
Conspiracy theory originally inspired the story (the original story was that Mara Jade discovers this group that thinks the New Republic and Empire are conspiring together to suppress this group) the story has gone through several major changes, but now is in its final form. Details could change a bit though. I guess the main inspiration for this set is a set of desires.
  • Improve sound usage and quality in levels.
  • Promote good level design.
  • Show myself and others that I can do it.
  • Introduce myself to the people here in a way they can easily understand.
  • Have a lot of fun.
I have been following your project for some time, and seen mentions of Requiem A Verito, Fire Fight, and other things. Could you shed some light on what exactly is happening, and what each of those names mean?
Fire Fight" was the original RAV level (RAV is the overall project name). This level has been put on hold, the premise of it is a New Republic invasion of an Imperial stronghold, but I'll save the story, and plot twists involved. It will appear somewhere towards the end of the series (and certainly on a new engine).
I notice that you have chosen to use an alternate timeline instead of the one established by the novelists. Could you outline what you plan to do to it, and what you hope to achieve by doing this?
The main concern about taking an alternative storyline is that it is easy to mistake the character of the main figures in the story. For instance, Thrawn abhors superweapons such as death stars and dark troopers, but he has been featured in levels that show him wanting these things. I hope to achieve a certain tension and urgency that I wish had been exploited in the novels. (I have read all of them, and enjoyed most.) The short outline of what I plan is Thrawn survived the battle of Bilbringi (by means to be revealed in the first cutscene), and he has discovered a great threat to life as known in the galaxy, meanwhile the clone emperor prepares his plans to destroy the New Republic, and the New Republic prepares to battle him.
What is the basic plot of your level?
"Reutka Defense" is the first level in the story now, and the basic plot of it is that you are an officer on leave in a small Mon Calamari city, but the clone emperor launches an invasion. This level will be half RPG, half action. I intend to have lots of character interaction, and plot development, with lots of action. It won't be too difficult or have too many puzzles though.
What kind of feel are you planning for your levels to have?
Accurate for the situation (city-like for city, natural for nature, etc.), but having a certain mixture of tension and peace.
What extras will you have?
Lots of each, probably even keys and pups, sprs, probably not BMs.
How long do you think it will take until the level is completed?
Depends on how long I want to make it. Not too long I would think, but I want quality, so I will take as long as I need.
Anything else you'd like to say?
Thanks for the chance to be interviewed.
Thanks for the interview.