Dark Emperor II
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Darth Maul
April 8, 2000
Level Review
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Evan Carson
56 / 100
May 18, 2000
69 / 100
50 / 100
53 / 100
First Impressions
This is actually an 8-level pack rather than a single level. This usually means a whole lot of small, quickly put together levels. In this case that assumption was right, but fortunatly it wasn't all bad.
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Design / Visuals
Architecture in this level series was alright. It was definitely good in some places and overall it was always average or above. The secret level was a bit plain and so were the space ship levels, but remaining levels were pretty good. Texturing wasn't so great. The texturing was very plain for some of the levels and it some cases it just didn't make sense. For example, in the first level there is a tunnel which changes from one type of rock to another and then back again, just like that. The rocky-canyon level wasn't like that, but it was pretty boring texture-wise. It seemed there were only two different textures used. Some of the levels had some great texturing though, such as the Coruscant palace level. The textures matched the architecture perfectly and it made a nice looking level.
Dynamics / Interactivity
I really didn't like the item/enemy placement in this level. In some places there were 30 stormtroopers that you had to fight all at once. Very difficult and frustrating, especially seeing as the level would crash JK every time you saved or loaded a quicksave. This really ruined the level and is why I would recommend you don't get these levels. I hope in the next set of levels the author makes sure there is more thought put into enemy placement.
Playing Experience / Atmosphere
Because of the bug that caused almost constant crashing, the atmosphere of these levels was bad. There was a lot of cheesy character dialog as well, which didn't help. Almost all of the lines were acted out but only a few of them were well done. The main character was done very well I thought, but some of the others were weak. If they'd had better scripts to read they could have been a lot better.
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Final Thoughts
I don't think you'll enjoy these levels all that much because of the problems mentioned above, but if the author released a version without bugs and with a bit better enemy placement I'd recommend it. Otherwise it's probably not worth it.
69 / 100
50 / 100
53 / 100