Clone Tank Storage Facility
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Glenn Edmiston
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
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74 / 100
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First Impressions
After reading the text file, I was geared up for a well thought out level. The idea of hunting down the last of the Clone Tanks is something that hasn't been done in too many levels, and it could lead Kyle all over the galaxy, trying to find them. Also, the plot didn't raise any questions, which is always a plus.
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Design / Visuals
Unfortunately, even the best of plots cannot hold if the actual level itself is terrible. I was pretty disappointed, overall, with the design of the level. Architecture consisted mainly of boxes, and most of these cubed rooms were pretty dull. In the imperial base, a typical room went like this: a box with a table. Some had multiple tables, but that doesn't really count. Once you get down into the sub-levels of the base, the architecture doesn't improve much. The author opens the level up a bit, but he still uses cubes and right angles for all the rooms. Texturing was worse then the architecture. The author uses the same textures over and over for the imperial base. When you reach the sub-levels, he uses one texture for the walls, floor, and ceiling. Towards the end, I found myself wishing for a little variety. It makes for dull play when you visit a room that's exactly the same as the other rooms you previously visited. It also gets confusing, and I found myself lost for a few minutes while traversing the lower levels. However, getting lost because you can't tell one room from the next gives the level a more maze-like quality and less of a SW feel: not a good thing when your trying to base your level in the SW universe.
Dynamics / Interactivity
The author recommends playing this level on hard. I agree with him, because playing it on hard is the only difficulty setting that's challenging. The imperial base itself was easy, despite a good placement of enemies. Each one had a purpose to its being there. Where the level got challenging (and fun) was in the lower levels. Down there you don't fight stormtroopers. Instead, you fight droids that are hard to see because of the dim lighting, and other nasties. I was a little upset with the, almost, gratuitous use of DT's. However, since this is one of the last Clone Tank Storage Facilities, I can understand why the Empire would place a few there. The fighting was so intense and fun, that you almost don't notice the one texture that the author used...almost, but not completely. Another factor that increased the challenge was the commendable placement of shields and health packs. Most of them were placed after some big fights, so I always ended up needing them. This was good, as it kept me going from one fight to the next. One thing I didn't understand was why the author didn't have anything new in his level. The officers with the different color shirts were nice, but they were all confined to one room. Other then that, there's nothing that hasn't been seen before, and it really draws away from the gameplay.
Playing Experience / Atmosphere
If there was one thing in this level that the author was able to use to good effect, it was the atmosphere. Mood was suspenseful throughout the last half of the level. Light was virtually non-existent, and without human enemies to fight, your always on your toes, expecting the unexpected... you get the picture. One of the scariest moments ever for me as DF/JK/MOTS gamer occurred during this level. I won't give away the details, but I can advise you to tread carefully, especially if your playing on the hard setting. Realism was adequate. The base was setup properly although I think the author should have spent a little more time on the base. It seemed that the only parts of the base that you travel through are the barracks and the lounge areas. Maybe a few more parts should have been accessible. Also, for whatever reason, the author decided not to blow up the facility, indicating that the tanks had been moved. However, there's no follow-up, no key information as to where those tanks are. I guess that in a way, it's kind of refreshing, knowing that Kyle isn't perfect, that he can't solve every question. Still, a sequel to this level would have been nice. Detail was lacking, which reflected poorly on the level. However, I was expecting it be lacking, since detail is closely tied with architecture and texturing. One thing I am proud to announce about this level is that there were no fatal crashes or bugs despite what the author said about the "bleeding walls" or (overlapping sectors) in his text file. Unfortunately, despite being bug-free and challenging, this level doesn't offer much of a replay value. After the second time, you know where all of the surprises are. Also, there isn't anything new, and there aren't any areas that are designed well that would keep the player coming back for more.
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Final Thoughts
This level had some good parts, and some...not-so-good parts. All in all, it came out average. You can try it if you want. However, don't expect much from after you've played it once or twice.
57 / 100
78 / 100
84 / 100