Abilities of the Empire 2
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Mariano Torres
January 17, 2000
Level Review
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69 / 100
January 23, 2000
70 / 100
68 / 100
70 / 100
First Impressions
Abilities of the Empire 2 was not a very impressive level. It was basically a glorified saber duel. The architecture was bland, and the gameplay was not the greatest.
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Design / Visuals
The architecture of Abilities of the Empire 2 left a lot to be desired. It was a series of rectangles attached together with little detail. There were a couple of pillars, and the ceiling was arched in one room, but otherwise I saw very little that interested me. In the bridge, there were some trenches I assume were crew pits, but there were no stairs, personnel, equipment, let alone anything, in them. The texturing was the high point of the level. The texture selections looked nice and reflected a starship setting, and there was decent variety. I didn't spot any outrageous misalignments, so all in all, texturing was quite good.
Dynamics / Interactivity
The enemy placement was pretty fair. There were three Jedi, none of which were too difficult, supported by a number of stormtroopers, officers, and commandos. The item placement was also decent; there was plenty of health and shielding, and enough weaponry to get the job done. Although, I noticed as I dashed around a cargo crate in a dim room, a shield recharge and the red key were just floating in the air! Maybe the last Jedi was using his mind powers to hold them up or something... There were lots of consoles and computers scattered throughout the level, helping to make the setting more ship-like. The enhancements were pretty limited in Abilities of the Empire 2. There were a handful of doors, a computer noise, and a new skin with sunglasses and bright white shoes, making the Jedi look rather funny.
Playing Experience / Atmosphere
The atmosphere was pretty decent for the level in that it did feel like a ship. There were numerous viewports through which you could catch glimpses of stars as you dueled with your foes, and the ship was well lit. Gameplay was not quite as good because the level was so short. Kill few guys here, a few guys there, find a key, kill Jerec, and you're done. If it takes you more than ten minutes or so, I'll be surprised. The gameplay was also boring because you just walked straight through the level; there was no crawling through vents and finding devious paths through the ship to reach your objective or anything. It was a shoot-em-up, or slash-em-up, if you will.
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Final Thoughts
This level was pretty disappointing. I really hope the next one of the series is far better than this one, but try it out anyway so you can stay up to date with the story.
70 / 100
68 / 100
70 / 100