Assault on Dantooine
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Alex Conrad
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
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First Impressions
As soon as I read the plot description, my hopes for a decent gaming experience vanished. I find it odd how, whenever the Rebels find a base, they need to blow it up. Forgetting espionage, the Rebels send Kyle in to blow up an important base by placing an explosive in exchange couplings which, by the way, the Empire seems to throw haphazardly around their base. Now that may sound kind of harsh, but a combination of Star Wars Universe contradictions, overused plot, and the including of the most worn out villain ever failed to give me much to look forward to. Sadly, for the most part, this level matched my depleted expectations.
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Design / Visuals
Fortunately, I am able to speak of the levels one redeeming feature right off the bat, but even that is not much. The level does have a fair portion of satisfactory architecture, limited mostly to outdoor areas. The canyons that you guide Kyle through offer an interesting, beckoning feeling, and area where you walk through the caverns also has a touch of mediocre architecture. However, the architectural aspect of the level begins to shatter as you find your way walking into crevices but being unable to get out or being unable to access a mission-critical location due to poor sizing of walkways. Indoor architecture is also extremely bland, consisting of an unbelievable base layout. One part requires you jump across several pits to get to a critical part of the base, making the level seem more like an excursion through Super Mario Brothers rather than a covert mission. The author also does a poor job in texturing. While they were aligned exquisitely most of the time, variety was minimal. Outdoors areas consisted of the same three textures. Indoor areas had a little more variety, but it was still limited.
Dynamics / Interactivity
Enemy placement in this level was extremely poor. They were far too often in excessive quantities, and were situated in unrealistic locations. Some were balancing precariously along the edges of great chasms, with nothing better to do than just shoot the player off of the cliff. Certain rooms had way too many enemies in them, and the room Boba Fett inhabited was crammed with storm troopers. Not only was Boba Fett there, but several Dark Troopers were hanging around. Sadly, the author gives no explanation as to why the Dark Troopers were there, so one must conclude that this was poor planning on the author's part. Fortunately, the author supplies you with an ample amount of ammunition to complete the task, but shield power-ups are nearly nonexistent. Completing this level on the medium difficulty setting without using cheat codes takes a great level of skill. As for level enhancements, the only new things the author used were a couple of three-dimensional objects and a new storm trooper. There is, in effect, no real way for a player to stay involved in this level.
Playing Experience / Atmosphere
The author set out to create an Imperial base on Dantooine operated by a smuggler, or at least that is what the text file says. The level appeared to me, however, that the author just scrapped up a story to go along with his level. I saw no evidence for a Dantooine. The author could have called the planet Los Angeles and it would have produced the same effect. This level just does not seem like it really has any place in the real world at all, and that bothered my playing experience. The poor use of lighting also made this level a mundane experience. Lighting was mostly one-degree all around, and when eyes are barraged by similar textures and boring lighting, interest tends to waver. Another thing that hindered my experience was the poor design of the level. Easily fixed bugs such as small walkways can easily be fixed, and other bugs, such as the walk-through-wall-and-disappear bug I encountered, should be exposed and fixed before releasing the level.
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Final Thoughts
When all is said and done, this level just does not have the guts to stand and fight. The author really had no start with the poor plot, and there is no redeeming feature. Outdoors architecture is slightly interesting, but there are better forms of it in level four on the Dark Forces CD. I recommend you download this level only if you absolutely must. Everyone else should steer clear of this level.
43 / 100
49 / 100
31 / 100