The Assassin Part 1: The Tunnels
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15 / 100
November 17, 2001
16 / 100
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First Impressions
This is an extremely short level, which will probably translate into an extremely short review. If you enjoy an immersive gaming situation and high quality levels, you'll want to pass by this level. Read on to find out why.
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Design / Visuals
Architecture in this level is virtually non-existent. Imagine a long rectangular hallway, that's been bent a few times so you can't see the end from the beginning. The walls are the same height all the way through and the floor remains horizontal. No slopes, no variety in height, no beams, no steps, nothing. Actually, there is one beam, but it's a 3do that doesn't quite reach the ceiling. The texturing adds nothing to the architecture either. Not only do we have the typical stitching errors, but we also have the same textures over and over. There's no variety, there's nothing to look at. The wall textures are the same through the whole level except at the very end, where they clash with the previous textures, while at the same time prove to be terribly boring. Besides the lack of variety, there are colormap errors. Yes, it's the return of the pink mats. Keep in mind, this was listed as a "bug" in the mission.txt, but that's no bug. That's the result of choosing the wrong colormap for the textures the author wanted to use. If you're only using 6 textures in your level, make sure they all work with your colormap.
Dynamics / Interactivity
The level of excitement in this addon is maintained through the use of cogs. Or the lack of them. There is only one cog: the soundtrack cog. No others. There are doors in the level, but none of them are operational (they stick out from the walls too, which is a pet peeve of mine). There are consoles throughout the level, but they don't do anything either. Even when you complete your objective (don't kid yourself, the objective is not on the objective screen), the level doesn't end. Just to make sure, I wiped out everything in the level - stormtroopers, commandos, the officer, droids, turrets and the fuel tanks - and I was left to roam back through the tunnel by myself. Nearly all of the enemies are stormies, most with the rifle, but a few with rail guns. Even though I was only armed with the pea-shooter (the Bryar), it wasn't much of a match. For as simple as this level was constructed, I wouldn't have minded a few dozen more troopers. At least it would have been as interesting as Dark Pyramid or Planet Sith. Granted the troopers were often standing around corners, about half were just standing around doing nothing. There were only a couple times when I faced more than three stormtroopers at once, but even then, a corner would provide cover to pick them off at a distance. There wasn't much in the way of powerups either, but they weren't really needed.
Playing Experience / Atmosphere
Aside from the soundtrack (which helps any level, even this one), there was no atmosphere to speak of. It didn't feel like a tunnel. The lighting in the level is virtually daylight-bright through the whole thing, in spite of it being located in a tunnel. Only a few corners were somewhat shady, the rest of it was like a Tatooine summer. Also detracting from the feel was the lack of ambient sounds. Only my footsteps and the cries of toasted stormtroopers were in this tunnel. The plot also took away from the experience. It's starts off well with the Rodian crimelord, but when it ends in being "disguised as mercenary Kyle Katarn," I just rolled my eyes.
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Final Thoughts
I didn't time it, but I bet I could play this whole level in less that 90 seconds. This level is probably not worth your time to download. It lacks in so many areas, it simply isn't fun to play. A lot more effort is required to keep the attention of today's seasoned gamer, and this level simply doesn't deliver in any shape, form, or fashion.
16 / 100
11 / 100
12 / 100