Dark Ties
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It is five years since the destruction of the second Death Star and the death Emperor Palpatine. The Rebel Alliance has established itself as the New Republic and has taken Coruscant from the Empire. All that remains of the Empire are various fleets lead by Warlords. One such fleet is lead by Grand Admiral Thrawn. Thrawn now poses a major threat to the still vulnerable New Republic and all of the New Republics resources are being used to combat Thrawn's attacks. However, with the New Republics attention diverted, many of the less powerful. Warlords are using the opportunity to build their forces and make their own plans to destroy the New Republic and reestablish the Empire. To minimize the threat from such Warlords, the New Republic established small taskforces to monitor and neutralize any threats these Warlords may pose. Lan Radik is a member of the New Republic and is in one such taskforce. Lan's taskforce is lead by General Arken, a distinguished member of the Rebel Alliance. The taskforce have orders to monitor Warlord Jerrov. Jerrov commands only a small fleet and has never posed any real threat before, however, recent suspicious by his fleet has alerted New Republic Intelligence and it is up to the taskforce, or more precisly, Lan Radik, to find out what Jerrov is up to.
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