Boc's Survival
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It was an ordinary morning for a Jedi Knight. After his meditation and a few exercises in the force, Kyle Katarn was cleaning his Bryar pistol's muzzle housing, when he received an urgent hologrid message. Quickly departing for the Darunvian Orbiting Station, the trusty Crow did it's job, and in less than an hour he was listening to his footsteps against the thick durasteel floor of the station's hangar. Commander Altara of NRI greeted Kyle in her small office. With no further introduction, She let him know that New Republic informants have heard rumors of a Dark Jedi on Ryloth. Kyle knew Ryloth was homeworld of the Twi'leks. A sudden thought ran Kyle's mind like thunder, that Boc, Jerec's henchman, had somehow survived their battle in the Valley Of The Jedi! He remembered Jan being tied up and Boc's insane laughter as his two Light Sabers came to life... a powerful enemy, no doubt. For a brief moment, Kyle opened his heart and mind to a feeling he thought was long gone: Revenge... He came back to reality shaking his head as Commander Altara briefed him on an apparently easy mission: Find out the truth about Boc's Survival.
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