Ruins of Talos 5: Reunion II
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John Johnson
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
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Plot / Mission
After acquiring the data tapes from Goatha (and some information from Kyle Katarn), Marek realizes that the imperials have purposely been misleading him. At the map room in "Phantom Point" they changed the location, hoping that Marek would give up upon discovering a lifeless planet. Kyle also informs him that the tapes are imperial, which explains how Goatha got his hands on it. The Hutt was trying to sell it and make a quick profit. If the imperials tried to get it back, then they would be on Marek's trail and not his since the tape mentions his name. Fortunately, Marek manages to steal the tapes (at the end of "Goatha's Palace"). Marek then deduces that if the tapes are imperial then the empire now controls the city: a jedi city turned towards the dark side. Marek quickly informs his droid pilot to set course for the jedi city. Marek isn't sure what the empire wants with city, nor is Marek sure if fighting for the Republic is what he wants; however, he knows that he must liberate the city. After all his family is down there...
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