Ruins of Talos 2: Phantom Point
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John Johnson
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
Level Description
Plot / Mission
Marek Sunrider recently visited by the ancient jedi heroin Nomi Sunrider, has now discovered that his true parents were not killed in the jedi extermination as previously thought. Eager to find some evidence of their whereabouts Marek has left the Empire to search out his lost family ties. Now loosely aligned with the New Republic, he has discovered clues about the existence of an old jedi camp, near a former Old Republic cloning center, now run by the Empire. In order to find his parents or any surviving relatives for that matter, he must locate the legendary map room, believed by the Empire to be only a myth. Imperial forces at this sight, now known as Phantom Point, are thought to be strong. It is rumored there is an armory in the area. If he can find a way in, the weapons inside may prove valuable in his quest. In order to survive, Marek will need to navigate through a jungle filled with Imperial troops, and other creatures. This will be no easy mission, and will take all his skill and knowledge of Imperial tactics. Now only you can tell if it will be enough.
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