Hidden Enemies
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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
Level Description
Plot / Mission
Out of suspicion we had you follow someone and he led you to the planet Hoth. There you found a hidden base. For a few months now we've been searching for this imperial spy. We captured him when he returned and to our surprise he told us everything we could possibly want to know. He mentioned that some of the Empire's most important people will be gathering at the hidden base tomorrow. Your main goal is to infiltrate the base and get inside the power generator. Once inside the power generator find the main room. There should be four switches inside the main room. Flipping all of them will cause a meltdown and eventually the power generator will blow up taking the base with it. Your second goal is to find a new Stormtrooper, the Dark Trooper, and destroy it. Then you need to find a way back to the Moldy Crow. While your doing all of this, you might run into all those important people. If you do, one of them will be carrying a data tape. Get it from him/her. It holds information on the Dark Trooper and may help us to find a weakness in their armor, if the Empire decides to make more.
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