The Flight Home
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Jason Chase
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
Level Description
Plot / Mission
Kyle Katarn has been captured by the Empire while en route to Sullust, his home planet (moon). He has received information that the Empire is going to destroy a small resistance on that moon, and was to warn them. It so happens that the Imperial ship that was sent to destroy the Rebels is the ship that captured you. Although the Empire has placed the highest security on your capture and have taken your gear, you have managed to slip a blaster past them. Just as they place you in the observation cell and are about to activate the security field, the time is right, and you pull out your blaster... Since you are on this particular ship, you have an opportunity to destroy the weapons array to delay the destruction of the rebel base long enough to warn them. Once you have done that, get off the ship.
Level Screenshots
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