Beyond Glory 2
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Kevin Buscemi
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
Level Description
Plot / Mission
After the Sun Killer's destruction at the hands of Kyle Katarn, Senj Thirtrae returned to Emperor Palpatine. Needless to say, the Emperor was not pleased. However, rather then seeing this project go to waste, he commissioned Thirtrae to build another Sun Killer. Only this time, it's in a high security construction site. It has been decided that, if we're ever going to stop this project for good, we must eliminate Thirtrae. Currently he's at his house (a palace he converted to suite his needs). You must sneak in and disable the perimeter forcefield surrounding the house. Then you must shut down the forcefield surrounding the lab. Once accomplished, Cascade 1 will move in and secure the lab. Thirtrae may try to escape. If so, you must stop him in any way possible.
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