Rebirth of the Empire
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Anthony Piggott
July 20, 1999
Level Description
Plot / Mission
It was unknown to Kyle that Jerec had a twin brother known as Sereth. Sereth trained hard to be a good Jedi, but his brother soon seduced him to the dark side. Sereth was the only person that Jerec ever cared for apart from himself, but when Sereth heard of his brother's defeat he desperately seeked revenge, by rebuilding the Empire, crushing the Rebellion and destroying Kyle Katarn. Luckily, Rebel spies have got word of this and have also found Sereth's secret base of operations on Danuta. The Moldy Crow has been repaired since its crash on the Lost Planet of the Jedi and Kyle is ready to go. He heads for Danuta in attempt to prevent galactic domination.
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