Myth of the Kaiburr Crystal
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Kybo Ren
February 1, 1999
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Plot / Mission
Ancient tales of a time long ago speak of an even which changed the course of Mimbans' history. The older clerics tell of a race or supreme beings, depicted as winged creatures with sharp talons and faceless heads. Legend has it that 10,000 years ago, these beings brought the Kaiburr Crystal to Mimban to keep it safe from any who wish to obtain it and its powers. The crystal was put into the Pomojema Temple, a shrine dedicated to the leader of this winged race, Pomojema. The clerics were then instilled the honor of guarding the crystal for all time. But over time, there was a growth of Mimban culture, and so many began to leave and explore the stars that soon the temple became unguarded, and at the mercy of the galaxy. Fate was not too kind. A few days ago, there were reports that a band of thieves, criminals, and low-lives had sought out and discovered the temple which holds the stone. Scans were conducted from the nearby planet, Tallus VI, and it was concluded that they were trying to unlock the mystic energies of the stone. The governement of Tallus called in Tal Verron, a well known adventurer for hire. He had the duty of traveling to Mimban and seeking out the crystal. If there was danger he was to bring it back to Tallus for safe keeping. While in orbit over Mimban, Verron conducted scans of the area where the temple was located. He picked up 3 distinct races, all armed with various weapons. Searching over the valley he found a landing zone very near the entrance to the temple. As he begins to decent he also begins to pray, as always...
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