The Search for Leia
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Anthony Piggott
September 15, 1999
Level Description
Plot / Mission
Han Solo threw the Millenium Falcon into hyperspace and set course for Sulon. He and his 200 year old Wookiee co-pilot, Chewbacca had been on many flights before, both for smuggling and for purposes of the New Republic, but unlike all others, this one was personal. A powerful army, known as the Seven Dark Jedi recently took command over the Empire. Jerec, their leader ordered senior staff of the Rebel Alliance to be caputred and placed in Imperial Detention Centres throughout the galaxy. Han's lover, Princess Leia was captured amongst them, when he heard, Han offered straight away to carry out the rescue attempt. "Okay Chewie! Where did Luke say he'd meet us?" Han asked his trusty co-pilot. Chewbacca whined back a reply. "Okay, so if Luke stays at his landing point, he could act as help if I need it later, as for you, I'll need you to stay in the area to guard the Falcon. Chewie didn't seem very pleased being given such a boring duty, but he understood that the Empire had total control over this area of Sulon, and it was quite likely that without duty, the Falcon will fall into the wrong hands. As the ship landed many Imperial troops turned up, "Looks like we got company" sighed Han. Chewbacca's hopes raised, looks like it wasn't going to be such a boring day for him after all. As they got out of the ship, an X-Wing flew over, being chased by two TIE Fighters, "Luke's right on schedule" Han smiled to himself!
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