Dark Trooper Project II
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Chill Akseli88
July 9, 2003
Level Description
Plot / Mission
A long time before Kyle Katarn learned the ways of the Jedi Knight, he was hired by Mon Mothma to investigate this project about Dark Troopers. Kyle succesfully blew up the Arc Hammer factory ship, where those sinister Troopers were built and destroyed Ron Moch, man responsible for the Project. However, Moch didn't die without legacy. There was one place, where Dark Trooper blueprints were kept. The planet is now unknown for the New Republic but our spies located an Imperial Factory in Typper 4, famous from its Phrik metal that was neccerary for the Troopers. You and Jan must enter the base and lower it's shields so we can destroy it. May the Force be with you...
Level Screenshots
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