Imperial Mine
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Heikki Lainela
December 21, 2002
Level Description
Plot / Mission
Kyle must get to an secret Imperial base through the base's mine. You start from the other part of the mines. The Imperials dug here until they found that there were ancient temples. The Imperials sent a few patrols to these temples, and nobody ever returned... After that, some of the troopers returned back. When they come back, they started to kill other Imperials. They had no weapons and still they had double strength. The Imperials saw this danger and after few battles they sealed these temples with tripmines and forcefields. The mines were also populated with lot of the mine monsters. The reason to that the Imperials continued the mining operation was that the ground was very rich with the type of crystals they mined from the Artus mine.
Level Screenshots
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