Revenge of a Jedi
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Kyp Durron, newest Jedi Knight trainee to Luke's camp on Yavin 4, disillusioned after the murder of his brother Seth on Carida by on Imperial Officer, and led by the spirit of the long dead Sith Lord Exar Kun, sets out on a journey of destruction and revenge against what he sees as the embodiment of the Empire - Admiral Daala. He has found out that she is orbiting a planet inside the Cauldron Nebula while she recuperates, restock and make repairs to her 3 remaining Star Destroyers. The planet is loosely affiliated to the Empire, with a small Imperial base, but the local police force will willingly take the side of whoever pays the most, as will the local gangs. Kyp steals a Z95 head hunter from Mara and plans to fly to the planet, where he hopes to draw enough attention to himself (say blowing up the local shield generator!) that the Imperials will take him into custody, where he can really start to cause trouble.
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