Rescue Willot
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David Andersen
April 27, 2001
Level Description
Plot / Mission
The second Death Star is destroyed and the Emperor is finally dead. But still the New Republic struggle to regain control of the galaxy. Coruscant and many other planets are still in the hands of Imperial fractions and warlords. On the colony planet Gothal 5, it is rumored that the Empire has an old 450 meter long spaceship, secretly hidden inside a huge mountain. It is told that the ship was meant to function as an escape ship for the now dead Imperial Governor of Gothal 5, who had a secret entrance at the mountain top. A New Republic ewok agent called Willot was send to investigate this rumor. But soon after he arrived, the Republic lost all contact with the ewok. He can be badly injured or maybe he just got lost in the maintains. You, one of the New Republic's best agents have been send to Gothal 5 to rescue agent Willot!
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