A Drug Bust Imperial Style
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March 31, 2001
Level Description
Plot / Mission
After many months of paying people off to spy and setting up surveillance equipment, the Imperial Intelligence Center on Nar Shaddaa has located the most powerful druglord in the known galaxy, someone so powerful that his name still isn't known to the Imperials. Word has it that a ship will unload some hidden drugs at the Nar Shaddaa Loading Company Main Site to the drug lord aboard his cargo ship. Word also has it that NSLC is in on the deal, and has beefed up security. You will enter in an unmarked ship, hide in a cargo box, and have the cargo unloaded into the holding area. Once inside, you will exit the box, find the drug kingpin's ship, enter it, and find him. Make sure you find some drugs for evidence as well, before you arrest him. If there is no alternative, you may kill him, but only if it is neccessary.
Level Screenshots
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