The New Empire Part 2
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Chris Swan
January 2, 2001
Level Description
Plot / Mission
After an unsuccessful raid on crime lord Jaffo's base, Kyle was captured by Imperial forces and taken to one of Moff Dargon's newly commissioned Multipurpose Cruisers, the Dominant. He had been searching for a datacube, a compressed data storage medium containing details of the Empire's current project: The Aging Cylinder. These modified cloning tanks are capable of ageing and educating a baby within a few days, giving the Empire a considerable boost in troop production. This datacube is vital to the New Republic, as it contains details of where the Imperials are conducting this project from. It is now being held on the same ship as Kyle in a guarded room on the bridge. This means Kyle is faced with not one, but two tasks: escape from the clutches of the Empire and retrieve the datacube. Desperate measures may have to be taken...
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