One Rebel's Sacrifice: Levels 1-9
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Jeremy Dooley
November 1, 1999
Level Description
Plot / Mission
Carni Yooled was born on the planet Rosetta into a very privileged lifestyle. His father was the king of that prosperous planet, and a war hero from the Clone Wars. His father never said much about his adventures-instead Carni learned them from history books and other Clone war vets that sat on his fathers counsel. Carni traveled all over that world with his father and brother on official business. Rosetta was a large planet, and 90% of it was covered in water. Orbiting Rosetta was the massive Orbital Defense Matrix Platform known as the the ODeMP. The ODeMp was built after the clone wars as a protective device, but then fell into disrepair and became a sort of orbital Nar Shadda. After the clone wars, Rosetta isolated itself from all other galactic affairs, and became a haven for every type of person-criminal and non. Then, on Carni's 15th birthday a emissary from the rebellion arrived to speak with his father. The rebellion was in trouble and needed supplies. Carni's father reluctantly agreed. He did not want to see the rebellion die, however the stories that passing spacers told about the Empire were tales of ruthlessness. Rosetta soon started supplying the rebels with ships. It turned out to be a great mistake. In only a matter of time, the Empire learned of this and had a good excuse to make this planet pay. Rosetta was once one of the greatest military powers in the galaxy-but with outdated weaponry and the orbital platform unusable, Rosetta fell. Just before the invasion, Carni's father put him on a transport to the planet Alderaan His sister, who had married into the royal family would take care of him. As soon as the transport arrived, Carni immediately went to find anyone that could get him involved in the rebellion. The Empire would pay.
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