Operation Fortra
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December 14, 1999
Level Description
Plot / Mission
Kyle was woken up by the sound of Jan opening the door to his small quarters. She turned around and Kyle slowly opened his eyes. "Oh Kyle, you look a state! What time did you get to bed this morning?" Kyle tried to sit upright, failed when he saw it was only 7 o'clock and slid back down. "Ohhh, about 4 I think. Still hazy... I think I was out on he surface, at that bar called, oh forget it. I knew I should have slept on the crow. These quarters are so small even a Selonian water beetle would find it cramped." Jan, Kyle noticed was a little more glum than usual. "What's up Jan. You've usually rattled off your life story by the this time usually?" He asked. "Oh, nothing. The commander of this station says he has some work for us, and seeing as we are staying here free of charge, I think you better see what the guy wants. Sounds like a mission." Kyle sat up and grumbled something about "chilly asteroid air" as Jan walked out. He got up and out of bed, pulling on his Jacket and boots, clipping his Bryar to his belt. "I better go see what this joker wants."
Level Screenshots
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