Ghosts of the Core: The Awakening
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Chris Hill
May 25, 2001
Seven years have passed since the defeat of Grand Admiral Thrawn and the dark Jedi C'baoth. Republic forces under the command of General Garm Bel-Iblis have staged a series of devastating strikes against the imperial strongholds within the deep core driving their few remaining forces to the furthest reaches of the outer rim. Determined to leave no stone unturned the Republic fleet has begun a systematic search of the deep core for any remaining pockets of imperial resistance. While on one of these scouting missions, a freak hyperdrive malfunction leaves Rogue squadron pilot Corran Horn face to face with an unknown alien ship, left floating derelict in space for over 25,000 years...
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  • Six new enemies
  • New playable Character Corran Horn
  • Customized force powers to match Corrans abilities from the novels
  • New Atmospheric Night time effects including scrolling clouds and shooting stars
  • Stacks of new 3DOs ranging from droids and doors to aliens and their ships
  • Numerous cutscenes guide you as you uncover and put a stop to the plans of an ancient and long forgotten enemy...
Well after a fairly long break at the start of this year, work continues on Ghost's at a slow but steady pace. The architecture is nearing completion as are the new enemies although they still need a bit of tweaking. Enemy placement and Cogging is still at an early point. I want to get the architecture and lighting done before I get cracking on that.
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Level Screenshot 4