Force Fire
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Julia, Michael, & Lisa
April 5, 2001
We were very curious what it would be like to have a real ally during the game. Kyle and Sariss seemed like a good choice after seeing them together in the JK "Dark Side" ending of "The Force Within." Months of research followed by weeks of testing went into making Sariss an effective ally.
Level Screenshot 1
Level Screenshot 2
This level takes place on an asteroid outpost. Accomplishing the mission requires you to navigate through five major areas including a working TIE fighter hangar bay, the control center, the main reactor, the physical plant and the terrifying Force Fire chamber itself. There are many surprises along the way and while some are comical, many are deadly.
This level which consists of over 1200 sectors is nearly complete and will be ready for release in April, 2001.
Level Screenshot 3
Level Screenshot 4