Echo Base
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Earl Dalton
January 6, 2001
You are Han. The ground assault on Echo Base has started. It is looking bleak for you Rebel friends. Your mission is to find Princess Leia and get her to a transport. It is a dark time for the Rebellion...
Level Screenshot 1
Level Screenshot 2
  • New cutscenes showing you the Battle in the Snow and more
  • New music straight from the ESB CD
  • Full scale battle going on as you play
  • Bloody Wampas that tear limbs of unsuspecting victims
  • Secret underground hideouts from the Empire
  • Real Snowtroopers and Hoth Rebels
  • New cogs that make Leia follow you everywhere you go
The architecture is almost complete - about 90% done. Keyframes for the AT-AT have been completed, as have the ones for both turrets. The big thing left to be done is the end of one cutscene wich is a very complicated and long one. Two minutes of a Battle in the Snow is much easier said than done. Having said all this, the level will not be released until the ESB levels are ready to go in the SWTTC. We are getting there so it might not be as long as you think.
Level Screenshot 3
Level Screenshot 4