Droid Alliance
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An Episode for MotS SP. The time is set a few years after Mara saved Kyle in the Temple. The Imperials found a left Droidcontrolship on the planet Naboo. They tried to reactivate the droids to make them troops of the empire. This all happend under a Dark Jedi, Iyanna. The rebelion found out about this hidden base so they are sending Kyle and Mara to find out what is build in it. Here your mission starts.
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  • New voices
  • Four new levels
  • New cutscenes
  • Droid enemies by Zymotico
Level 1: Raltiir, New Republic Base
You and Kyle get the mission to find out what is build in the factory on Naboo. Just after Kyle lifts off, the base gets attacked by the Empire. You have to make your to bay 3 and escape with your ship.

Level 2: The Hidden Factory
After escaping a spacebattle between TIEs and X-Wings you land on Naboo just in front of the backdoor. Doing a trick you get inside, but the droids got activated and they don't want to become the new legions of the Empire...

Level 3: Aboard The Oppressor
You get busted and are transfered to the Oppressor, one of the two stardestroyers under Iyanna's command. You must try to escape from the ship. After finding a ship you begin your flight to Iyanna's stardestroyer.

Level 4: The Final Battle
On arriving you get busted again. The troops bring you before Iyanna. A final battle begins between you and her. But you forgot the droids...
Level Screenshot 3
Level Screenshot 4