Corellian Orbital Shipyards
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February 12, 2002
It is a time of renewed optimism within the Rebellion. Luke Skywalker, a young farm boy from Tattooine, has recently destroyed the DEATH STAR during the Battle of Yavin.

Seeking to retain the initiative, the Rebels have launched a series of smaller attacks aimed at disrupting the Imperial war machine.

Princes Leia has despatched a young Rebel commando to Corellia. His mission: to disengage the docking clamps on a near-complete Star Destroyer - where a safety mechanism will cause it to self destruct as it plummets into the Corellian atmosphere...
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Corellian Orbital Shipyards (COS) starts on the planet Corellia. Our hero must make his way through a supply facility and smuggle himself aboard a supply shuttle, which will then take him into space and to the shipyards - whereupon he will have to bypass Imperial security, disengage the docking clamps on the ISD, and escape. There are new cogs, mats, cutscenes, wavs, skins, and a whole bunch of custom 3dos. I'm paying a lot of attention to atmosphere - lighting, sound etc. Its already very StarWarsy thanks to lots of nice little detail touches, but I'll let you see for yourself when you play!

For the plot-hole pickers who say: "Ah! What about the debris from an ISD killing people as it hits the planet??". The shipyards, logically, would be in geostationary orbit above an ocean for safety reasons. Also, an ISD falling into an ocean would cause a tsunami- hence the need for a safety mechanism that pretty much completely destroys any ship unfortunate enough to be involved in this sort of..."accident".
I spent a lot of time on custom cogs and 3dos for COS before I even cleaved sector 0, so I'm probably further ahead than I think, but no release date yet.
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