Burning Pride
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Demon Nightmare
January 6, 2001
This episode takes place about a year after the events in Aaron Allston's novel, Iron Fist...roughly 4-5 years after Return of the Jedi.

A pirate group, known by the names of 'The Tirosites' became rich and well-known after their help in the battle with Warlord Zsinj to capture another Super Star Destroyer. Once getting their reward for helping in the battle, they started committing acts of terrorism and violence over many different worlds, bribing individuals to start riots or chaos, setting buildings on fire, placing explosives over highly populated areas. With their starfighters, known mainly as 'Uglies' for being a combination of other starfighters, they attacked a transport heading to the planet of Coruscant and captured Mailee Vetilly...the wife of Ferfidan Vetilly.

Ferfidan, once a pirate but retiring into a less exciting life, searched for over a month trying to locate the base where the Tirosites stayed. He got a tip from an Imperial Guard who decided to switch forces after realizing some of the Tirosites acts were just sick.

When Ferfidan met with the Guard, he learned that the pirates actually worked for the dying remains of the Empire. Part of the deal is that if the Pirates work with the Empire and complete their objectives, the Empire will help protect their base from rebel spies and attempts to enter the base. Ferfidan vows that he will get Mailee back and enters the base...
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  • New cutscenes and in-game cutscenes
  • New skins and walkplayer
  • New voices for the cutscenes
  • New keys
  • Possibly new bm's and weapons
This might be kind of long, but I haven't updated this in awhile. First off, if you haven't known, I released Burning Pride Episode I. I'm pretty satisfied with how it's being taken, especially since it's my first single player level. Most people seem to enjoy the level, and I haven't gotten any flat out harsh review. There were a couple of complaints though:
  • Too short
  • Needed new enemies
I'm going about Episode 2 to change this though. It will be longer then Episode 1, and it will also include new enemies. I'm also working on writing a mini-type script, which is helping me to create a more atmospheric type gameplay and experience, which I feel Episode 1 lacked. The status on Episode 2 is pretty good. I'm about 75% done with the basic architecture, and about 55% done overall. I'm not going to state a release date though, as with work from school on my back it could be anytime. Episode 3 I'm halting right now too, devoting all my attention on Episode 2.

For the screenshots, I included one from Episode 1, two from Episode 2, and one shot from Episode 3 on an area I had just started working on.

One last thing before I end this feature. Episode 2 will be released by itself. Episode 3 though will be released as a trilogy with the first 2 levels. There are some touchups to Episode 1 I feel are necessary, in the cutscene department, and some bugs people noticed. I hope to also include voices in there for each level, but I'm not positive on that yet, as do the ends justify the means. I probably won't update this again until Episode 2 is done.
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