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At the Command Chamber we restrict access to certian resources, particularly author and staff contact information (email addresses), to registered users only. This practice provides authors and reviewers better control of their privacy and offers enhanced defense against spambots and other annoyances. You must be a registered user in order to contact level authors and staff members, as well as submit your own levels or content.
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  • Username: 3-32 letters or numbers; displayed publically on site for levels you author. Periods, dashes, spaces, and underscores are also allowed as part of a username.
  • Email Address: A valid email address is required to complete account activation.
  • Password Fields: 6 or more characters of any kind; used for logging in.
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Why require account registration and activation?

While registration and activation may seem like an unnecessary burden at first glance, see our registration and activation and email confirmation FAQs to learn how these activities protect your privacy and can even be helpful to you as a level author.

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