Delta Source
At the Command Chamber we restrict access to certian resources, particularly author and staff contact information (email addresses), to registered users only. This practice provides authors and reviewers better control of their privacy and offers enhanced defense against spambots and other annoyances. You must be a registered user in order to contact level authors and staff members, as well as submit your own levels or content. The different sections of this member account system, called Delta Source, are listed below:
Registration & Activation
To access our member tools, you must be a registered user. Visit the registration page to create your account, followed by the activation page to complete your account setup once you receive our confirmation email which is sent during the registration process.
Member Tools
Members are able to email staff and community members, submit new levels and other content, as well as perform account administration tasks like updating their contact email and account password.
Account Recovery
If you have previously registered for an account in the past or you submitted a level to the Command Chamber before, you already have an existing Delta Source account, even if you do not know or never set a password. Use the account search tool to locate accounts that belong to you based on your email address, or recover from a forgotten password with our password reset tool.